About Us

Totally Hooked Fishing was founded in 2018. Our mission is to bring family and friends together to share the passion and love of fishing. Our goal is to entertain with family-friendly fishing content, videos and merchandise.

Meet the Founder - Bryan B

Bassin with Bryan - Totally Hooked Bryan is passionate about fishing and teaching others how to appreciate and enjoy the sport. Fishing for Largemouth Bass became and obsession when he first had the opportunity to fish with a friend years ago using live frogs. "There's nothing like a Bass hitting your frog as soon as it hits the water!" Bryan says. He's been chasing bass ever since.

Early 2018 Bryan launched Bassin with Bryan, a youtube channel focused on Bass fishing. He released several videos related to bass fishing as well as other species like Pike and Crappie. Bryan re-branded in late 2018 Totally Hooked Fishing. With THF, Bryan will continue to share his passion for Bass fishing while incorporating other species across the U.S. Bryan lives in Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.