5 Tips for Surf Fishing

Have you ever surf fished? You've gotta check it out. This spring I had a short opportunity to fish the gulf in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it.

5 Tips for Surf Fishing:

  1. If you can walk the beach at low tide, do it! Take notes of any gullies, hollows, seabed changes, patches of weeds, shellfish beds, etc. Keep in mind things shift but this still can be great data to help you get on more fish. 
  2. The best time to fish is high water at dusk or dawn.
  3. Pay attention to the weather. It's easier to make longer casts when fishing in an offshore wind. Typically you'll find the fishing hanging in deeper water during the day and closer during the evening. Strong winds you'll find more fish closer during the day.
  4. Use PVC pipes to set your rods in. This will help protect the reels from a rising tide.
  5. Ask the locals. They'll have the date for the best fishing bait to use and are usually pretty helpful with recommendations.

- Bryan B

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