Bass Season is OPEN... and it's cold!

Bass season is finally open in Minnesota! The first day out was a little cold and windy but that didn't stop us! We stared with some rapala action and hooked into some pike first and then the largemouth bass. It feels awesome to finally be back on the water!

5 Fishing Tips for Cold Days

  1. Bass will look for warmer water. On a sunny day you might find them closer in where the water warms from sunlight. On cloudy days like we were fishing today, they tend to be in a little deeper water.
  2. Bass are slower in colder weather, slow everything down.
  3. Sleep in. When the weather is still cold, late morning or early afternoon can be great times to be on the water.
  4. Keep moving until you find fish actively feeding. Don't stay in one spot longer then 25-30 minutes.
  5. Dress warm! Be prepared for the weather and dress in layers. Fleece and a windbreaker are highly recommended.

- Bryan B


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